Help us Mobilise a School!

Cora Bike Rack is excited to be partnering with World Bicycle Relief to mobilise more people through the Power of Bicycles.

It costs $35000 to mobilise an entire school with Buffalo Bicycles. So we're setting ourselves that big target to help ensure 120 school kids the opportunity of an education.

Follow this...

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Demand for Bicycle Parking Facilities Skyrockets

Cycling is the fastest growing mode of transportation in Australia and surveys indicate a large percentage of people would like to cycle more.  Census data shows that commuter cyclists are over-represented in high-skill and high-income professions. 

Some leading commercial property developers are already recognizing the benefits of designing and installing exemplary...

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New Bike Parking Facility for Macquarie University

Faced with an increasing number of students and staff cycling to campus everyday, FDC Construction was tasked with finding a solution to increase bike parking capacity within the limited parking areas available at Macquarie University latest building project.

Using Cora Bike Rack’s fully dynamic E3DT-GT double-tier system, FDC was able to...

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Cora Team Member Finishes on Podium

As cycling enthusiasts, Cora Team members enjoy getting on their bikes whenever possible.  Some of us ride bikes as a mode of transport or for recreation, while others like Ron take the opportunity to push the envelope of their skills in competitions.

We love the sense of freedom a bicycle provides,...

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Meet the new E3VR-Q vertical post mounted racks designed to reduce project costs


Cora Bike Rack's latest product has been designed to keep project costs low by dramatically reducing the number of posts required for vertical parking installations by 50%.

Utilising the existing E3VR-P mounting post, 2 x E3VR-Q racks can be mounted on each side of the post for a total of...

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The need for Bike Parking Increases as Bicycle Use Skyrockets

If you’ve been lucky enough to get outside to enjoy the great outdoors as part of your physical distancing routine, you may have noticed more people riding bicycles.  You are not alone.  Since the pandemic struck, the fear of infection has shifted millions of commuters around the world from shared...

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New Premium Bike Racks for the Discerning Specifier/Buyer

The concept of Dynamic bicycle parking systems was first introduced in Australia by the current AS2890.3 (2015) document.

The intent of this product design category was to allow the ability to increase bike parking capacity in a given area. It was recognised that many bicycle storage rooms and End of Trip...

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Bike Parking Layout Service

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

When planning a bike parking project, whether it's a bike room or an outdoor area, it's important to create a layout that will invite cyclists to park their bicycles safely and securely. No one wants to park their bike...

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Understanding the ‘Bicycle Spacing Envelope’

When designing a bicycle parking facility or determining the number of bikes that can be parked in a given area, AS2890.3 (2015) sets out minimum space requirements.

3 key points to consider are:1. The ‘Bicycle Spacing Envelope’ is the design space of a standard bicycle which allows for locking and parking...

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New Premium Bike Racks for the Discerning Specifier/Buyer

Cora Bike Rack is proud to release a new range of premium bicycle parking rails.

The CBR-SG Series use a vandal resistant dual metal skin body with an integrated polymer Scratch GuardTM bumper to protect the finish of every cyclists’ pride and joy.

Ideal for End of Trip and bike storage rooms, the...

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End of Trip Facilities – the new normal

Once considered a luxury, End of trip (EOT) facilities have become an expected feature for commercial buildings. 

In addition to providing secure bicycle parking systems, EOT facilities include showers, changing amenities and clothing lockers.  For new buildings, EOT facilities are a standard part of the development approval and design process.  For...

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Updated AS2890.3 White Paper

FACT #1:  Most new developments require bicycle parking racks
FACT #2:  Bike racks can earn points towards Green Star ratings

How do local councils and the Green Building Council of Australia determine the criteria for compliant bike rack designs and spacing?

They both rely on Standards Australia AS2890.3 (2015).

This standard provides a set...

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Bicycle Lockers for the Ultimate security and convenience

Bike lockers provide long-term ‘Security Level A’ bike storage for the ultimate secure bike parking facility.

Bicycle storage lockers provide AS2890.3’s highest security level with protection from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather to encourage cycling as a means of transportation.

Ideal for bike rooms and EOT facilities to encourage people to cycle...

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Secure Scooter Parking Solution

Primary and secondary schools, TAFE's, Universities and recreation facilities all face an increasing need to provide an organised and secure parking solution for scooters.

The Cora SRS10 and SRD20 are single and double side scooter racks that offer an easy and attractive facility for users to safely store and lock their...

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1-Stop Service Station for Bike Maintenance & Repair

Are you looking for an easy way to support existing cyclists or trying to encourage new riders?

Cora’s new BMSP product is a heavy duty bicycle maintenance stand with tools and tyre pump combination that provides cyclists with a convenient facility to repair or maintain their bikes and ensure a smooth...

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Bike Lockers for St. Leonards Square

As one of Mirvac’s signature developments, St. Leonards Square exemplifies sophisticated living in Sydney - including the exceptional amenities residents have come to expect.

As part of this project, Cora Bike Rack was consulted to ensure the industry’s best bicycle facilities would be provided to future residents.

It was agreed that in...

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Ovo Green Square – Bike Parking for an iconic building

Mirvac has highlighted Ovo as one of the most complex projects it has ever delivered with approximately 1,800 panels in 134 different shapes and 17 different colours used across the building’s facade.

“It is an iconic building that transforms the skyline and is the result of extensive planning and collaboration between...

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Bike Cage for CQ University in Melbourne

CQ University approached Cora Bike Rack to redesign their existing bike parking area to provide more bike spaces and greater security.

By removing the existing bike racks that were not compliant with AS2890.3 standards, and replacing them with CVR1 vertical racks, Cora was able to increase the number of parking spaces...

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Double Tier Parking for Curtin University

Faced with an increasing number of students and staff cycling to campus everyday, Curtin University reached out to Cora Bike Rack for a solution to increase bike parking capacity within the limited parking areas available.

Using the E3DT-GT fully dynamic double tier system, Cora was able to increase the number of...

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Innovative Double Tier bike parking by Cora Bike Rack

Double tier bicycle parking systems have been around for a few years. The purpose behind these systems is to significantly increase the number of bike spaces possible in a given area. Unfortunately, some of the double tier products being manufactured leave a lot to be desired.

The lowest cost products consist...

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Bike Parking for Perth Children’s Hospital project

When the John Holland group needed assistance with designing an End of Trip Facility (EOT) for the new Perth Children’s Hospital project, they turned to Cora Bike Rack for advice.

With several challenging spatial elements and the requirement to provide AS2890.3 compliant bike racks and layout, Cora assisted in the bike...

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Meet the new E3VR vertical bike rack range

Cora Bike Rack’s new range of E3 bike parking products includes a suite of vertical bike rack options.

E3 =

Easy to use and install
Efficient use of space
Effective bike security

Designed specifically to meet AS2890.3 requirements, the new E3VR product range can provide maximum bike capacity in any area.

E3VR vertical bike racks are...

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500,000 bikes delivered thanks to your help!!

For 15-year-old Damela Achieng’ Owuor, a student at Bar Union Secondary School in Kisumu, Kenya, today is a new beginning. When she woke up this morning, Damela had a challenging 5-km walk to overcome in order to reach school. Thanks to you, when she returns home today, that journey will...

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AS2890.3 White Paper

Most local government and Green Star rules defer to AS2890.3 (2015) to determine the requirements for compliant bicycle parking facilities for new projects. Standards Australia published AS2890.3 (2015) in September 2015 to supersede AS2890.3 (1993). This standard provides a set of minimum requirements for the layout, design and security of...

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$10,000 Raised for World Bicycle Relief!

Dear Cora Bike Rack,

Your recent donation to World Bicycle Relief is a game-changer. Thank you! By supporting our work, you and more than 130,000 people around the world have raised your hand and said, ‘I believe in the life-changing power of bicycles.’

In the coming weeks you’ll see just how much...

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World Bicycle Relief Australia Sponsor

Cora Bike Rack has been helping increase the number of bicycle commuters in Australia for over 20 years by providing secure bicycle parking facilities at the workplace, home and everywhere in between.

The benefits of providing bicycle transport to people in developing countries are even more significant and life-changing. Cora Bike...

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Welcome to the Cora Bike Rack Blog

Cora Bike Rack is an Australian family owned business that has been designing and building bicycle parking facilities since 1997. We believe that by designing better bicycle parking products, people will want to ride their bikes to more places, more often – and that’s a good thing for everyone!

We are...

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