500,000 bikes delivered thanks to your help!!

For 15-year-old Damela Achieng’ Owuor, a student at Bar Union Secondary School in Kisumu, Kenya, today is a new beginning. When she woke up this morning, Damela had a challenging 5-km walk to overcome in order to reach school. Thanks to you, when she returns home today, that journey will...

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AS2890.3 White Paper

Most local government and Green Star rules defer to AS2890.3 (2015) to determine the requirements for compliant bicycle parking facilities for new projects. Standards Australia published AS2890.3 (2015) in September 2015 to supersede AS2890.3 (1993). This standard provides a set of minimum requirements for the layout, design and security of...

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$10,000 Raised for World Bicycle Relief!

Dear Cora Bike Rack,

Your recent donation to World Bicycle Relief is a game-changer. Thank you! By supporting our work, you and more than 130,000 people around the world have raised your hand and said, ‘I believe in the life-changing power of bicycles.’

In the coming weeks you’ll see just how much...

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World Bicycle Relief Australia Sponsor

Cora Bike Rack has been helping increase the number of bicycle commuters in Australia for over 20 years by providing secure bicycle parking facilities at the workplace, home and everywhere in between.

The benefits of providing bicycle transport to people in developing countries are even more significant and life-changing. Cora Bike...

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Welcome to the Cora Bike Rack Blog

Cora Bike Rack is an Australian family owned business that has been designing and building bicycle parking facilities since 1997. We believe that by designing better bicycle parking products, people will want to ride their bikes to more places, more often – and that’s a good thing for everyone!

We are...

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