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Double tier bicycle parking systems have been around for a few years. The purpose behind these systems is to significantly increase the number of bike spaces possible in a given area. Unfortunately, some of the double tier products being manufactured leave a lot to be desired.

The lowest cost products consist of static upper and static lower tier parking spaces. These fully static products require cyclists to somehow lift their bike over their heads, carefully place their bikes on the upper level and securely lock their bike wheels and frame that are now 2 metres above the ground.  Not surprisingly these upper tier parking spaces are almost never occupied, and the advertised bike capacity is never achieved.  

AS2890.3 outlines the requirements necessary for a double tier system to be compliant. These requirements include:

  • Upper tiers must be dynamic and include a lift assist mechanism
  • Upper and lower tiers must allow bicycles to be locked with a ‘locking device’
  • Static lower tiers must abide by the 500mm spacing rule
  • Dynamic tiers can use the reduced 400mm spacing rule ‘only if’ adjacent tiers are either offset vertically or horizontally by 300mm; or bikes are parked head to tail.
  • Access aisles behind parked bikes must be 2000mm minimum.

Cora Bike Rack has a range of double tier bike parking systems that can increase the number of AS2890.3 compliant parking spaces by up to 120%. The 3 double tier systems include:

E3DT-GP: fully dynamic upper and lower tiers
E3DT-GT: fully dynamic upper and lower tiers
E3DT-CBR: dynamic upper tier and static lower tier

All E3DT systems share the same dynamic upper tier design that includes compliant gas strut lift assist, locking points, and two heights to allow offset installations.

The GP and GT versions include compliant dynamic lower tiers to allow reduced 400mm spacings.
The CBR version uses a static lower tier to provide a lower cost alternative that requires 500mm spacings. 

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