2 Tier Bike Racks

Where maximum capacity is critical and ceiling heights allow, Cora Bike Rack's double tier bike racks offer the ability to increase capacity of a bike room by 100-120%.  Select Australia's only fully Dynamic upper and lower tier models for the highest AS2890.3 compliant density; or choose static lower tier parking for cost savings.  *Cora Bike Rack is the only company currently offering Dynamic lower tier rack options to meet AS2890.3 (2015) requirements to use a reduced bicycle envelope width of 400mm.

Step 1: 
Select Upper Tier models: ST-H (High) / ST-L (Low)
Alternating heights allows 400mm spacing.  Same heights allows 700mm spacing.
Step 2:
Select Dynamic or Static Lower Tier models:
Dynamic Racks:  GP-F (front-in) / GP-B (back-in) allow 400mm bike spacing
Static Racks: SG or CBR bike rails allow 500mm bike spacing