• e3gp front wheel in dynamic bike rack

GP-F Ground Pivot Dynamic Rack Front-In



1 bike 

The GP-F can increase AS2890.3 compliant capacity by 20%.

Using a dynamic pivot action, the GP-F rack supports the bike in a stable position while allowing the rack to be moved side to side to allow easy parking and locking movements.

This GP-F model allows bikes to enter Front Wheel-In.  Match with adjacent GP-B (Back Wheel-in) models for head-to-tail parking to allow 400mm AS2890.3 (2015) compliant spacing.

Use as a stand alone dynamic surface mount system or as the lower tier of a 2 tier system.  Indoor use only.

Compare Cora's features to lesser products in the table below.

Included Cora Bike Rack Others
Provides dynamic bike parking
- to increase bike capacity by 20%
Manufactured with heavy duty steel 
- to provide a robust vandal resistant rack
Stainless Steel fixings  
- who wants rusty bolts?
Tamper resistant fixings
- required for AS2890.3 compliance
2 Year Guarantee
- against manufacturing and material defects

Cora Bike Rack EcoSpecifier AS2890.3 World Bicycle Relief