Bicycle Lockers for the Ultimate security and convenience

Bike lockers provide long-term ‘Security Level A’ bike storage for the ultimate secure bike parking facility.

Bicycle storage lockers provide AS2890.3’s highest security level with protection from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather to encourage cycling as a means of transportation.

Ideal for bike rooms and EOT facilities to encourage people to cycle to work or from home, bike lockers can also play an important role in city transit planning by locating publicly accessible lockers at transit interchanges.

Due to the high cost of manufacturing and shipping, bicycle lockers are typically specified only when required for development approval. 

There can be a significant differences in locker styles and prices. When researching product options, keep in mind the end user and where the lockers will be located to ensure the bike locker model selected in not over or under engineered.

Bike lockers located within indoor bike rooms might not required the same heavy duty, weather proof construction of bike lockers located in outdoor public areas such as bus and train stations. Double sided bike lockers can offer a lower cost per bike space than single side lockers. 

Also think about the most appropriate locking option for each project. For a low cost, low management solution a simple latch allowing a user supplied U-lock to secure the bicycle locker door may be sufficient. Where a property manager requires more control, a key system can be considered but there will need to be a key management system put in place. Other locking option include electronic keypads or RFID swipe cards that allow easy management and no lost keys to deal with. For public locations where opportunistic parking is desired, a new Bluetooth controlled option is now available that provides the bike locker owner with full control on how each locker can be used – for an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly fee, or membership etc.

When looking at spacing requirements, bicycle lockers require more space than bicycle racks. In addition to the footprint of the bike locker, an access aisle of 2000mm is required to allow bike parking movements.

Cora Bike Rack has a range of bicycle lockers to suit any application. All Cora bike lockers comply with AS2890.3 requirements and are available in both heavy and light duty constructions to match the appropriate purpose and cost level. In addition, several locking options and finishes are available for all models: 

Cora bike lockers are flat packed to reduce shipping costs and are specifically designed to allow quick assembly to reduce labour costs.

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Covid-19 Update

Cora Bike Rack remains open and delivery service is still available Australia wide.

Current stock levels are sufficient for most new orders and we continue to add stock weekly.  Made to order products will still be manufactured as required.   

Our staff members are working from home where possible and factory workers are following the strict hygiene practices and cleanliness standards set out by the World Health Organisation and Australia's Chief Medical Officer. 

Please be assured that we will do our best to provide the service and products we are known for.