The need for Bike Parking Increases as Bicycle Use Skyrockets

If you’ve been lucky enough to get outside to enjoy the great outdoors as part of your physical distancing routine, you may have noticed more people riding bicycles.  You are not alone.  Since the pandemic struck, the fear of infection has shifted millions of commuters around the world from shared modes of transport to non-shared modes including bicycles.  Bicycle sales in Australia have been off the chart and the need for supporting infrastructure to make cycling safer and easier is more acute than ever.

It comes as no surprise that cities with a higher percentage of cyclists have made significant investments in bicycle infrastructure and amenities.  Cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Seville and Vancouver enjoy some of the highest numbers of bicycle commuters, but it has not always been that way. Many of these cities experienced a decline in people cycling until their city governments dedicated transportation funding to create safe, connected and physically separated cycle routes designed for people of all ages and abilities. 

The current pandemic has created a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for Australian local governments to fast track bicycle infrastructure projects that will bolster the economy by allowing residents to travel to shops, restaurants and offices in a safe and socially distanced manner.  In addition to bicycle lanes, secure bike parking facilities at such destinations will only encourage more people to give bicycle commuting a fair go.

Here are some ways to increase bike parking:

Outdoor Bicycle Parking

Understanding bike parking design and function can help communities prioritise needs, functionality and optimal design considerations.  Well designed shared spaces for both cyclists and pedestrians can even strengthen local communities.  For example, installing bicycle parking spaces in front of stores can increase business visibility.  Standard bicycle racks that comply with AS2890.3 are simple in design, cost effective, and encourage cyclists to utilise the bicycle parking areas provided.

Indoor Bike Rooms 

Dedicated indoor bike rooms provide a great option for high security, long term parking for cyclists.  Ideal for residential and commercial buildings.  Access to bike rooms should be controlled by keys, RFID cards or keypad.

End-of-Trip Facilities 

Similar to indoor bike rooms, EOT facilities provide secure, sheltered parking spaces that help prevent theft and protect bicycles from inclement weather.  In addition to AS2890.3 compliant bike racks, EOT facilities include other amenities that encourage people to bike more often such as - bicycle repair and maintenance stands, bike wash stations, showers, change rooms and clothing lockers.

On-street Parking 

Several communities have begun implementing on-street solutions for bicycle parking where an under-utilised vehicle parking space is converted into several bicycle parking spaces. This solution works well in high-density areas with narrow sidewalks and moderate pedestrian traffic and can significantly improve the walkability and livability of the area.

Temporary Parking 

Often overlooked, event parking is an important element for bicycle friendly communities.  By providing secure, temporary bike parking at an event, transit bottlenecks and crowded parking lots can be minimised while cyclists have peace of mind while enjoying the show.

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