End of Trip Facilities – the new normal

Once considered a luxury, End of trip (EOT) facilities have become an expected feature for commercial buildings. 

In addition to providing secure bicycle parking systems, EOT facilities include showers, changing amenities and clothing lockers.  For new buildings, EOT facilities are a standard part of the development approval and design process.  For established commercial buildings, the addition of EOT facilities is seen as an essential ingredient to attract and maintain tenants.


EOT facilities


According to a report from Colliers International, office tenants are demanding EOT amenities such as bike racks, showers and lockers more than ever.  The Colliers report states, “Having a place for employees to store their bicycles and associated end of trip facilities is particularly important and has been considered more important than car parking for some time now.”

A growing number of CBD office properties now offer amenities that transform the workplace into a living community space where tenants can integrate their home and work lives as well as their travel time in between. Employers are looking to attract staff with better facilities and workplace environments that support better life balance and better living.

At the head of this shift towards greater staff retention through facilities is the provision of high quality EOT facilities.  The design of EOT facilities must encourage bicycle use over private vehicle use.  While secure bicycle parking and layout requirements are set out in AS2890.3, the design of change rooms and wet areas should be guided by functionality, accessibility and comfort.


Secure bicycle parking


As a contributor to AS2890.3, Cora Bike Rack is considered the industry’s expert in EOT bike parking compliance.  Together with partners at enthdegree, Cora provides a complete bike and change room design and fitout service that will provide an attractive facility and luxurious experience for all users.

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