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E3VR-45L 45 Degree Vertical Bike Rack

SKU#: E3VR-45L



1 bike 

The E3VR-45L provides angled vertical parking to reduce the distance a bicycle extends from the wall or mounting post by 25%. The bike will enter this from the left of centre.

Ideal for narrow spaces, the E3VR-45L can be mounted directly to existing walls or to the E3VR-P mounting post.   

The E3VR-45L gently cradles the front wheel for safety of the bike and easy access parking.  Best suited for indoor or covered areas such as car parks and bike storage rooms.

For bikes with front wheel fenders or mud guards, Cora recommends the E3VR-F model.

E3VR-45L bike racks comply with AS2890.3 (2015) requirements.

Compare Cora's features to lesser products in the table below.

Included Cora Bike Rack Others
Allows vertical 45 degree bike parking
- to reduce footprint and fit narrow spaces
16mm x 1.2mm CHS 
- to provide a robust vandal resistant rack
Stainless Steel screws with nylon sleeves 
- who wants rusty bolts?
Tamper resistant screw head
- required for AS2890.3 compliance
5 Year Guarantee
- against manufacturing and material defects
Yellow Powder Coat finish
- for smooth surface and high visibility. 
(other colours available upon requests)
Can be mounted to walls or the E3VR-P post
- for maximum layout flexibility

Cora Bike Rack EcoSpecifier AS2890.3 World Bicycle Relief