• expo 7510 bike rack surface mount for 10 bikes

Expo 7510 Bike Rack for 7-10 Bikes

SKU#: Expo 7510

CAPACITY: 7-10 x


Recommended maximum capacity will depend on how the rack is positioned:

Single side access:  7 bikes
5 bikes on inside bays, 2 bikes on outside ends.  Allows 2 empty inside bays for easier use

Double side access:  10 bikes
5 bikes on either side, alternating bays and outside ends

The Cora EXPO Classic Series provide a versatile, high density bicycle parking system that can be installed for single or double sided access for maximum space efficiency.  Designed for ease of use and installation, the EXPO Classic Series offer an attractive and secure facility that is ideal for projects that do not require larger AS2890.3 (2015) compliant spacings.

All EXPO Series bike racks are shipped fully welded for vandal resistance, no assembly is required, include stainless steel fixings with tamper resistant nuts, and have a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing and material defects.

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