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CWR2 Wall Mounted Bike Rack for 2 Bikes




1-2 bikes 

CWR2 holds 1–2 racks in a horizontal position at any height such as above a car bonnet.
Each bike can be locked separately, however the front bike must be removed to access the rear bike.

The CWR2 is available in a Yellow colour powder coat finish.

The CWR2 complies with AS2890.3 (2015) requirements and is designed to allow secure locking of the bike.

Included Cora Bike Rack
25mm x 2mm SHS
- to provide a robust vandal resistant rack
Stainless Steel fixings with nylon sleeves
- who wants rusty fixngs?
Tamper resistant screw heads
- required for AS2890.3 compliance
5 Year Guarantee
- against manufacturing and material defects
Shipped fully welded 
- no assembly required

Cora Bike Rack EcoSpecifier AS2890.3 World Bicycle Relief