• cwr2 wall mounted bike rack for 2 bikes

CWR2 Wall Mounted Bike Rack for 2 Bikes




2 bike

535 x 400

Mainframe 15mm pipe

Hot dipped galvanised

Fixings Details
4 x 8mm x 50mm galvanised coach screws with tamper resistant armour rings and nylon sleeves included

Where space is a limiting factor, Cora's CWR Series offers a great solution to utilise unused wall spaces. The racks are designed for ease of use and are best suited for indoor or covered areas such as car parks.

To use the CWR2, cyclists lift their bikes horizontally onto the wal mounted CWR2 rack. The rack can be mounted and varying heights and is often used to park bikes above the bonnet of a car. 2 bikes can be safely parked and locked to the rack, but the front bike will need to be removed in order to access the rear bike.

The CWR Series are fully welded for vandal resistance, shipped as one piece with no assembly required, include all fixings, and are Guaranteed for 15 years! In addition, the CVR Series comply with AS2890.3 guidelines and can be used towards earning Green Star points. They are available in 3 finishes: galvanised, colour and 304 Stainless Steel.

- EcoSpecifier verified
- AS2890.3 compliant
- Green Star compliant
- bikeTREES partner: planting native trees in Australia