Bike Parking Layouts

Bike Parking Layouts

Bike Parking Layouts

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

When planning a bike parking project, whether it's a bike room or an outdoor area, it's important to create a layout that will invite cyclists to park their bicycles safely and securely. No one wants to park their bike in a poorly planned bike room that is hard to access and risks damaging bikes they are supposed to protect.

Available space for bike parking is almost always scarce, and bicycle parking systems can be expensive. Let Cora Bike Rack help you find the most space efficient, cost effective and user-friendly solution possible.

Do you need to comply with AS2890.3 (2015)? No problem. Let us maximise your bike parking capacity while ensuring compliance with Standards Australia requirements.

Simply send us a drawing or picture of your space with dimensions, and our expert staff will provide you with a free layout that gets the most out of your available room or area – at no charge.


Have questions on our products or bike room layouts? We are AS2890.3 experts and understand what it takes to make bike parking work. Contact us by filling in the form below!

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