• e3gp dynamic bike rack front in perspective
  • e3gp back wheel in dynamic bike rack
  • e3gp front wheel in dynamic bike rack

E3GP Bike Rack with Dynamic Pivot Motion




1 bike 

The E3GP (Ground Pivot) can increase AS2890.3 compliant capacity by 20%.

Using a dynamic pivot action, the E3GP rack supports the bike in a stable position while allowing the rack to be moved side to side to allow easy parking and locking movements.

The E3GP can be installed for reduced 400mm spacings compliant with AS2890.3 (2015).

It is available in alternating Front wheel-in, and Back wheel-in models to allow head to tail parking and minimise interference from adjacent bikes.  Suitable for indoor End of Trip and bike parking locations.

Use as a stand alone dynamic surface mount system or as the lower tier of a 2 tier system.

Compare Cora's features to lesser products in the table below.

Included Cora Bike Rack Others
Provides dynamic bike parking
- to increase bike capacity by 20%
Manufactured with heavy duty steel 
- to provide a robust vandal resistant rack
Stainless Steel fixings  
- who wants rusty bolts?
Tamper resistant fixings
- required for AS2890.3 compliance
2 Year Guarantee
- against manufacturing and material defects

Cora Bike Rack EcoSpecifier AS2890.3 World Bicycle Relief