• cbr1b bike parking rail with mount fix for 2 bikes
  • cbr1b 316 stainless v3
  • cbr1b galvanised 1
  • cbr1b galvanised 2
  • cbr1b galvanised 3
  • cbr1b galvanised

CBR1B Bike Parking Rail with Mount Fix for 2 Bikes




Single side access: 1 bike 
Double side access: 2 bikes

850 x 800 

40 NB (48.3 OD) 

Fixings Details
4 x 12mm x 80mm stainless steel dynabolts with acorn nuts included

The Cora CBR Series are an effective solution that can be installed as a single unit or in clusters to to accommodate 1‐100's of bikes in an unlimited variety of configurations and in challenging spaces. CBR Series bike rails are designed to support the entire bike frame and each unit can accommodate up to 2 bikes, with 1 bike on each side.

The CBR Series is available in 5 attractive shapes, bolt‐on and insitu versions, and 2 finishes: galvanised and 316 Stainless Steel.

All CBR Series bike rails are fully welded for vandal resistance, shipped as one piece with no assembly required, include all fixings, and are Guaranteed for 15 years!

- EcoSpecifier verified
- AS2890.3 compliant
- Green Star compliant
- bikeTREES partner: planting native trees in Australia