• e3dt cbr two tier rack perspective with bikes
  • e3dt cbr two tier rack perspective
  • e3dt cbr high rack perspective
  • e3dt cbr low perspective

E3DT-CBR Double Tier Bike Rack for 2 Bikes




2 bikes 

A dynamic upper tier combined with a static lower tier to reduce costs and provide AS2890.3 compliant spacing of 500mm. 

The dynamic upper tiers include gas assist lift for ease of use and is available in alternating high and low heights. 

The static lower tier consists of CBR bike parking rails located between upper tier units.  As each CBR bike rail accommodates 2 bikes (1 bike on each side), there will be 1 x CBR bike rail for every 2 x upper tier units.

Standard finish is galvanised with colour lock bar and handles.

Compare Cora's features to lesser products in the table below.

Included Cora Bike Rack Others
Dynamic Upper Tier with gas assist lift
- for AS2890.3 compliance
Static Lower Tier
- for AS2890.3 compliant 500mm spacings
Stainless Steel fixings
- who wants rusty bolts?
Tamper resistant fixings
- required for AS2890.3 compliance
2 Year Guarantee
- against manufacturing and material defects

Cora Bike Rack EcoSpecifier AS2890.3 World Bicycle Relief