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Mount Options

Most Cora products use one of the following standard mounting options.  All fixings are included and shipped with each product.

Surface Mount

Rack has a metal base plate that is fixed to a concrete surface or pad with stainless steel anchor bolts and tamper resistant nuts.  




In-ground Mount

Rack is embedded into a concrete surface – usually supported in wet concrete until set.  A rack with a spigot will help secure the rack in place.




Wall Mount

Rack is fixed to a concrete or masonry wall.  Holes are drilled into the wall surface, a plastic sleeve is tapped into place, and threaded stainless steel security screws secure the rack in place.




Post Mount

Rack is fixed to Cora’s E3VR-P post that is shipped pre-drilled for use on 2 sides, and at alternating heights.  The post includes security srews and rear wheel tray.



All Cora Bike Rack products are shipped with the recommended stainless steel fixings and tamper resistant fasteners.  Tamper resistant fasteners are required for AS2890.3 (2015) compliance. Our most common fixings are:


Shear nut

After tightening and gently removing a standard hex nut, the shear nut is used and tightened until the hex head snaps off leaving a smooth tamper resistant surface.



Pin head torx screw

Using the included special tool, tighten the pin head torx screw in place leaving a secure tamper resistant screw head.




Finish Options

Cora offers the following finish options on most products:


Hot dipped galvanised is an extremely durable and low-cost finish option. Cora’s bike racks are hot-dipped galvanised after fabrication and then hand finished to ensure a smooth, safe surface.



Stainless steel is the most attractive and durable option.  It may seem the most expensive option, however as Cora uses a marine grade 316 stainless steel with an added electro polish finish, the rack will continue to look new and attractive for many years.



Powder Coat

Powder coating provides an attractive colour finish using a solvent-free process that is better for the environment than liquid paints.  Cora uses a strong and durable powder coat product, but remember that over time colour finishes are more susceptible to scratching and corrosion than either a galvanised or stainless steel finish.




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