Multiple Bike Racks

The Cora EXPO Series is the proven solution where multiple bicycle parking spaces are required. Designed for ease of use and installation, the EXPO Series offers an attractive and secure facility for indoor and outdoor use. The EXPO Series is a versatile, high density system that can be installed for single or double sided access for maximum space efficiency.

The EXPO Series is available in 4 sizes, and 3 finishes: galvanised, colour and 316 Stainless Steel.

All EXPO Series bike racks are manufactured in Australia, fully welded for vandal resistance, shipped as one piece with no assembly required, include all fixings, and are Guaranteed for 15 years! In addition, the EXPO Series comply with AS2890.3 guidelines and can be used towards earning Green Star points.


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EXPO 2704
3-5 Capacity

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EXPO 3606
4-6 Capacity

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EXPO 4506
5-7 Capacity

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EXPO 7510
7-10 Capacity